Design and Art direction. An AOL/BlackVoices site focusing on entertainment, news and nightlife. Iwas tasked with coming up with a logo and strong, fresh look that would set this new site apart from the BlackVoices main properties.

Lightning In A Bottle

Design and build. Soft launch gateway to film site - including trailer, press kit download and small photo gallery.

House of Flying Daggers

Design and build. Soft launch gateway to film site - including trailer, press kit download and small photo gallery.

AOL Black Voices Blogs

Art direction. This year we undertook the enormous task of redesigning the Black Voices blog network. In preparation of migration to a new blog platform, I led the design team in creating a new streamlined look - more accessible and completely rebranded. Each blog follows a common template yet retains it's individual identity with custom header art. I also created design and posting guidelines for bloggers to follow to ensure a consistent look and feel. Initial response from the users has been quite positive.

AOL Black Voices Boards

Art direction. Another ambitious and wide-reaching project, this time taking on the redesign of the Black Voices Boards. As the leading internet destination for African-Americans, BlackVoices has an extremely vocal and engaged user base. The boards are the site's lifeblood, so extra care and thought has gone into collecting user feedback and suggestions while this redesign is underway. Balancing the needs, expectations and desires of the Black Voices audience with those on the business side are challenging to say the least, but a challenge that I have found to be quite rewarding.

AOL Black Voices Olympics

Design, managed design and webtech. This is a special-feature hub package of Olympics related photos and news for the 2008 Olympics. These hubs are popular destinations for the BV audience and are excellent additions to the site for calling out special events. I managed the design team and worked with webtech to get this launched under a VERY tight deadline.

AOL Black Voices Back to School

Design, managed design and webtech. Special-feature 'Back to School' hub sold to Walmart. This was developed concurrently with the Olympics hub with the same launch date. Although resources were stretched thin I got both packages designed, built, scrubbed and launched by deadline. Whew.

AOL TV Google Module

AOL Television Google Module

Design. AOL Television news, listings and video module.

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My Life on the D-List

Design and build. Promotion and teaser for Kathy Griffith's show on Bravo. The original promotion is no longer online. This has been recreated from the original files files.

Kathy Griffith: My Life on the D-List

Love Learn Locate

Design and build. A simple. clean shopping/catalog site for House & Garden.


TCM Flash Headers

Design and build. I created and built these engaging and colorful special feature movie headers for the TCM Site. A new header ran each month on the main page calling out that month's feature presentation.

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Miramax Fake Movie Posters

Design. Originally created as background and historical material for a website about a fictitious movie studio, some found new life as t-shirt designs. These were a lot of fun to do and really provided depth and interest to the site.




Build and CSS. Lifetime Movie Network main site. This version is no longer online. I have recreated the main page from my files.

Lifetime Movie Network

Lego Games

Design and art. I designed the splash screen for this Lego Maze game and provided additional artwork for game. This was part of a series of online games created for the Lego site.