Wee Trio CD Packaging

RSVP and New Address Notice

When some friends of mine moved upstate I created this postcard for them as an RSVP for their going-away party that could also double as a change of address notice.


Anniversary Invite (click for full view)

Oxfam Flyer and email art

Flyer and email graphic for Oxfam Full page | half page

Holiday Card

Flight Safety Card Themed Holiday Card (click for full view)

Holiday Card

Subway Themed Holiday Card

Cat Care Instructions

Instruction card created as a guide through our admittedly complicated cat care needs.

Parade Invitation

This was created for a 'save the date' postcard. It's a parade in Berkeley. You have to dress up.

CD Single

While working with the Chopping Block I did a lot of work for They Might Be Giants. In addition to contributing art for Mink Car and No! I also designed a couple print advertisements and the cover for the "Another First Kiss" CD Single